Checking Enum Flags

If you using an enum that uses bit flags, here is an easy way to check to see if one or more if the values are set.


Public Shared Function CheckFlags(value As [Enum], flags As [Enum]) As Boolean
    If [Enum].GetUnderlyingType(value.[GetType]()) = GetType(ULong) Then
        Return (Convert.ToUInt64(value) And Convert.ToUInt64(flags)) <> 0
        Return (Convert.ToInt64(value) And Convert.ToInt64(flags)) <> 0
    End If
End Function


public static bool CheckFlags(Enum value, Enum flags)
    if (Enum.GetUnderlyingType(value.GetType()) == typeof(ulong)) {
        return (Convert.ToUInt64(value) & Convert.ToUInt64(flags)) != 0;
    else {
        return (Convert.ToInt64(value) & Convert.ToInt64(flags)) != 0;


CheckFlags(value, EnumModes.Save | EnumModes.Store)

Tip By: David McCarter


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