Community Excellence Award Recipient for Q2 2008

Wow, guess what… it’s me (David McCarter). I am so excited and proud of this award because it recognizes all of the hard work I have been doing in the Microsoft community here in San Diego for over 14 years. This includes running the San Diego .NET Developers Group, teaching at the University of San Diego California, speaking and helping at conferences including Code Camp, running this web site and writing books and more! Ever since I have became a programmer I have always had a big need to help others in their career. Except for my full-time job (which pays the bills), everything else I do is geared to satisfy that need.

As most user group leaders know, we don’t get a lot of gratitude for what we do, so this is a great award to let us know that we are appreciated. I’ve had a lot of help along they way and they know who they are. I hope to continue to give back to the community as I am a programmer.

Info on the Award:

The INETA Community Excellence Award is given to individuals for their extraordinary efforts and prolonged contributions to the developer community at both the local and national levels. Through their commitment and passion, these people have made profound impacts that will be sustained for years. In honor of their accomplishments, the Community Excellence Award is a one-time award of recognition that will last a lifetime.

You can also go here for more info and to nominate the next winner!

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