Turn Off Web Service Logging When Using WSE

One of the features I use often with the Microsoft Web Service Enhancements (WSE) is logging. It’s a great feature where it logs everything coming in and out of a web service. When someone calls me with issues, the first thing I do is turn this on in the web.config and watch the data coming and going. The data is stored in two different xml files. One for incoming calls and one for responses.

The problem I just ran into is that I got a call that stated web service calls that were taking about 1 second or less were now taking 20 seconds or even timing out. After working on the issue off and on for two days I discovered that these two WSE log files have grown to 59MB+ because I forgot to turn off logging the last time there was an issue! Once I turned off logging this issue went away.

One symptom that we noticed that made us go down the wrong direction at first was that the w3wp.exe in Task Manager would eat a lot of memory during those 20 seconds and spike the CPU usage up to 99%! When we Googled this, we found lots similar issues, but none relating to the xml log files generated by WSE. We wasted a lot of time on this.

I hope this helps anyone else that uses logging in WSE.

Tip By: David McCarter