Microsoft Releases Windows SharePoint Services with SP1

Windows SharePoint Services with Service Pack 1 is the Windows Server 2003 component that helps organizations increase individual and team productivity by enabling them to create Web sites for information sharing and document collaboration.

Important This download is an updated version of Windows SharePoint Services and contains all updates included in Windows SharePoint Services Service Pack 1 (SP1). After installing this software you do not need to install the SP1 update. If you previously installed Windows SharePoint Services and only need SP1, you can download Windows SharePoint Services SP1 separately.

Sites based on Windows SharePoint Services technology take file storage to a new level, providing communities for team collaboration that make it possible for users to collaborate on documents, tasks, and events, and make it easier for them to share contacts and other information. Windows SharePoint Services enables managers of teams and sites to manage site content and user activity easily. The environment is designed for easier and more flexible deployment, administration, and application development.


Click here to download


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