WinZip 6.0

But it does not have to be hard, time consuming or complicated. I was at a contract site the other day and they still used the DOS version of PKZip. What’s the solution? Get a copy of WinZip. WinZip is, hands down, the fastest and easiest program to use if you need to zip and unzip files in Windows! I’ve tried and used many programs of this type and this is “the” only one that I use.

What makes it so fast is that WinZip has PKZip built into it! Which means no shelling to DOS to zip and unzip files. WinZip will also work with ARJ, ARC and LZH files through external programs and has TAR, gzip and UNIX compression built right in!

Unzipping files is easy. Just double click on the zip file in File Manager and WinZip will invoke and read/display the contents of the file. From there you can use the icon bar to extract any or all files or view a file (such as a text file). One useful feature is if you double click on any file displayed, WinZip will instantly unzip the file and invoke it. For example, double clicking on a WRI file will start Write and load the file. Double clicking on a EXE file will start it.

Another feature is Check Out. Using this will create a Program Manager group containing one icon for each file in the archive. Double click on the icon in the Program Manager group to run the file or to view the file with the program associated with the file. WinZip will optionally delete the Program Manager group and related files when you close the archive or close WinZip. Files can also be scanned for viruses when they are unzipped by Check Out.

Zipping files is just as easy. To create a zip file or add files to it, either drop files onto WinZip from File Manager or click on the “New” or “Add” button. Any PKZip function can be used when zipping files. Such as maximum compression, use of EMS memory, recursive sub directories and save extra directory information.

WinZip can also create zipped files that span disks, but this features are not supported internally. To use this features, an external copy of PKZIP.EXE is required.

WinZip is highly configurable to your liking. This program is very well written and I have yet to find a bug in it or have it lock-up on me. The only feature I wish it had is unzipping multiple files at a time.

WinZip Is Developed By

Nico Mak Computing, Inc.
P.O. Box 919,
Bristol, CT 06011-0919

Registration Fee: (current version is 8.1 and still is) $29

Evaluation copies are available from