Verify Users Log-in Password

This is not very secure… so we need to verify that the user sending the message is the one who logged into Win95 or WinNT.

I searched and searched on how to do this, with no luck. After posting this message on a new group, I was sent the answer and it’s surprising easy! It’s too bad that Microsoft has to make it so hard for use to find.


Private Declare Function WNetVerifyPassword Lib "mpr.dll" Alias _
"WNetVerifyPasswordA" (ByVal lpszPassword As String, _
ByRef pfMatch As Long) As Long
Function VerifyPassWin95(sPassword As String) As Boolean
Dim lRetVal As Long
  If (WNetVerifyPassword(sPassword, lRetVal)) <> 0 Then
    MsgBox "VerifyPassWin95: Application Error"
      If lRetVal <> 0 Then
        VerifyPassWin95 = True
          VerifyPassWin95 = False
      End If
  End If
End Function


Tip Submitted By: David McCarter
Code By: Jeff Hong YAN


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