3D Forms & Controls Without Using A VBX

Do you want to make your controls and forms have that 3D look without adding the overhead of a VBX? Well, it’s easy to do with just Windows API calls. As a matter of fact, the VBX’s you shell out money for are just “wrappers” to those same API calls. With the PAINT3D.BAS module that was written by George Walz, it’s as easy as calling one function…

Sub Form_Paint ()
Call FormIn3D(Me, 1, False)
End Sub

The first parameter is the form, the second is the bevel width and the third is a setting if you are using the MessageBlaster VBX. You can find all the code in PAINT3D.BAS that comes with VB Tips & Tricks.


Tips Submitted By: David McCarter – Code Written By: George Walz

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